30 Best Social Media Icons

With the increasing modernization and the consequent change in the lifestyles of people, life has just confined within a person’s laptop, desktop or workplace where he has to work like a machine. Life has become quite materialistic. In this age of busyness, we rarely get time to interact with the family and relatives and far off friends, and this is one of the reasons assumed to create communication gap which creates problems in social and family life. Thanks to all the Social Media which provide best of best platforms to enable us to interact with the society. These social media have provided us ease to keep work and sociality together. These really are a need of today and are certainly a blessing for all of us. You can log in at your work place, working side by side and check the updates time to time. So their importance cannot be overlooked. Among social media, Facebook is the most popular social network all over the world. Currently it is at number 1 in Alexa ranking which clearly shows its popularity among people of every age group. Besides, twitter, you tube and linkedin are also famous among youth.

Some of the famous and worldwide used social media are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace, GPlus, Flickr, Reddit, Friendster, Meetup, Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit, MyBlogLog, SlidesShare, LinkedIn, Technorati etc and many other. I have collected mind-blowing social media icons for your inspiration. These are free to download. Do tell me about my collection through your precious comments. Also visit other stuff and icons on my blog like Facebook Icons and like us on facebook. Stay Connected!!

1.Cool Icons

social media icons

2.Soft Colors

soft colors

3.Black n White Icons

black n white icons

4.Best Icons

best icons

5.Orange and Red Icons

orange and red icons

6.Famous Social Media

famous social media

7.All In One

all in one

8.Pink Icons

pink icons

9.Beautiful Icons

social media icons

10.Nice Icons

nice icons

11.Nice Designs

nice designs

12.Sketched Icons

sketched icons

13.Famous Social Media

famous social media

14.Best Icons

best icons

15.Cool Icons

cool icons

16.All In One

all in one

17.Random Layout

random layout

18.Square Icons

square icons

19.HD Icons

hd icons

20.Best Icons

best icons

21.Square Icons

social media icons

22.Nice Designs

nice designs

23.Grey Round Icons

grey round icons

24.Cool Icons

cool icons

25.Best Icons

best icons

26.All Icons

all icons

27.Beautiful Icons

beautiful icons

28.Cool Icons

cool icons

 29.Nice Design

nice design

30.Best Icons

best icons



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