5 Coolest Car Apps

A mobile app is a software that is designed in such a way to operate and run on mobile devices. Designing mobile apps have gained huge popularity among young and creative entrepreneurs.

Check it out which are the five most coolest Auto apps:


This iphone app keeps an eye on your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. It informs efficiently the amount of fuel consumed by you in every trip.


This app helps you to identify well in time when you have to change your engine oil , engine filters and other related accessories.


This fabulous app calculates consumption of your car and updates you exact timings when you have to get your car maintained e.g change of tyres, brakes etc


This is a life saving app. It allows you to keep your eyes on the road. It eliminates dangerous and fatal distractions while you are driving.


It provides the exact distance between the vehicle in front of you and your vehicle. It also calculates how fast the vehicle in front yours is travelling to keep you aware of any unwanted incident.

With the access of mobile applications, websites like this have motivated car dealers to shift their business to online portals. They can easily offer many brands and models of cars through these portals. Many of them are providing quality services for a business trip, travel or departure to Airports or wedding ceremonies.

Many  other pages offers facilities where people exchange and share cost of their trips and advise which is more human and sustainable way to travel.




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