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Love can be defined as an emotion, a feeling which bonds hearts together. Love is such a huge topic, includes so many aspects that a normal person definitely experiences at least one of its forms.Love knows no boundaries. It is a passion, a person in love can cross any obstacle in the path towards his destiny. He somehow manages to find ways to get near to his love. His dedication makes the hardships, a bliss.Love has many kinds. Some people have love for knowledge, love for humanity, love for country,  love with family (which every person experiences) .

Some people love their aims and decide to shake Heaven and Earth in order to achieve their goal. For example if someone wants to be the president of his country, he will surpass each and every restraint of his way to win the hearts of his people through his skills. If someone wants to get higher education to excel in the race of life,he would surely face all the hardships with courage in order to make his dreams true.If we talk about love for knowledge, this makes a person to devote his life towards gaining and spreading of knowledge. He can write literature which gives him pleasure and satisfaction of imparting their experiences, philosophies, opinion and knowledge to other knowledge seekers. These benefits the learners a lot.Charity homes  are the best example of love for mankind. The NGOs work for the betterment of poor, sick, unemployed, handicapped, displaced  people. These NGOs are the hope of life for  orphans and runaway children.

Now we talk about the love for family. This kind of love is experienced by ever member of the family. This kind of love influences a person to keep his family delighted. The head of the family prefers to provide his family members a smart life. This is the secret of a blissful life.Love for your country is another aspect. Patriots devote their lives for contributing towards the progress of their country. Army Men serve by preventing the evil forces to dominate and never compromise over the law and order.And then there comes the most interesting kind of love. Yes it is the love which is the most colorful of all, teenage love or may be a secret crush. A person in love feels like flying high in the skies all the time, has the reason to be happy and life becomes beautiful like never before. It urges you to “live your life” in its true sense. Love lightens up your life positively. It encourages you to ‘live’ for your loved one, do only what he/she likes, get dressed up for him/her. In short mould your  lifestyle the way your loved one likes. This love does not last longer if it is only one-sided. It is obvious that a lover wants this feeling to be reciprocated in the same way otherwise he/she gets disappointed. If both persons in a love relationship reciprocate each other’s feelings then such relationships not only become the reason to live but proves to be a nutrition for soul and these last forever and ever.




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