30+ Best Photo Manipulation Examples

Photo manipulation is the application of ‘photo editing techniques’, which are largely used now a day for giving a creative edge to the photographs. It was previously named as air brushing. Your photograph will be more of an illusion as compared to the original captured image using the digital means and in this way your photo appears to be more attractive and eye catching as you enhance the features in it and also add certain textures. These textures are available in a variety in all PS versions giving you chance to turn your photos into a totally modified adorable look. The more you know this software and the more you practice in it, you are able to produce master pieces in the field of art. The illusions created in this leave us stunned and we are inspired by the work of designers. In the same way we can also create some awesome pieces of design by learning the photo editing softwares like ‘Photoshop’. Photos are captured by using digital camera and additional digital effects are added. The effects you give to a photograph can be divided into ‘Technical Retouching’ and ‘Creative Retouching’. Technically you alter the colors, contrast and brightness etc while in creative retouching you can add textures, 3D elements to your photos for creating artistic effects.

Today I am going to post some amazing stuff related to Photo Manipulation. You will find various wonderful manipulations in the photographs that will leave you stunned and amazed. These pictures will give you idea about the editing of photos. You can use these pictures for your inspiration. At the end do leave your valuable comments to help us improve our work and do appreciate if you like our stuff. I would like to refer you my other post which is Free Photoshop Textures. Thank you for visiting us.

Elephant Legs


 Socks Like Feet

optical illusions

 Broken Face


 Shoes House


 Eyes on Head


 Stunt Boy


 Hand Cuts


 Fire On Head


 Baseketball Player


 Funny Apple

apple manipulation

 Grass Book

book manipulation

 Tree In Boots

boots manipulation


bird manipulation

 Golden Fish

fish manipulation

 Fruit Like Bulb

photo manipulation

 Funny Human Eggs


 Tree In Hands


 Photo Illusion

optical illusions

 Jail Picture

jail manipulation

 Light Power

power of light

 Fishes In Sea

funny fishes

 Not In Space

space manipulation

Funny Baby

baby picture manipulation

 Man In Bulb

man in bulb

 Castle Illusion

optical illusions

 Cool Boy


 Eye Hand

photo manipulation

 Face On Hand

optical illusions

 Dragon On Hand


 Human Skull Face

photo editing

 Mouse Pieces


 Room Illusion

room illusions



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