The Best Sms Application Bitesms

As usual i phone is at their best.I have posted how to use bitesms application in iphone. Bitesms is the best messages application for i phone .The default messages application  don’t have as many  features that the bitesms have. You can see the similes in bite sms and also many more in this post i will explain you how to download bitesms and its feature and some how its use.

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Follow these steps for bitesms.

1 Open the cydia go the manage tab open the edit button the open the add button then add the source.

2 Then go the search tab and type bitesms

3 Open the bite sms cracked version and install it

4 Confirm it

5 After installation the cydia will give you the option of restart spring board

6 After respring you can go to the home see the bite sms icon

7 Then open the bite sms icon and  agree the license agreement .

8 Then open the setting tab at the extreme uper right corner you will see the features of bitesms

9 The message appears at home screen like this you can reply it open it call and many more.

10 More stuff option in the setting of bitesms  has these features.

11 Similarly the privacy and auto forward .




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