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25+ Unique 404 Page Not Found Pages

As we all are well aware of the 404 error page, it’s significance in a website should not be overlooked. A complete design of a website includes the 404 error page design. A well designed unique error page makes the website even more attractive and lovable. If I say said error page design is a

30+ Best Photo Manipulation Examples

Photo manipulation is the application of ‘photo editing techniques’, which are largely used now a day for giving a creative edge to the photographs. It was previously named as air brushing. Your photograph will be more of an illusion as compared to the original captured image using the digital means and in this way your

40 New Free Photoshop Textures

Photoshop is the best photo editing software. It is a powerful weapon which gives such unbelievable and stunning effects to the photos that they appear more than real to the eyes. It is your own choice which type of effect and texture you want to give to your picture. Whether you want your picture to

20 Free Latest 2013 Calendar

Countdown for the New Year, 2013 has begun. Everyone is curiously waiting for the exciting events of the New Year Eve and also for the fun and happiness this New Year will bring. It is definitely a significant time in one’s life when planning is done about the future, about the jobs and duties to

35 Cool Photoshop Text Effects

I don’t think any one of us, in today’s world of design, will be unknown of Adobe Photoshop and its miracles. We all are well aware of the wonders which can be and are created in Adobe Photoshop. It is designing software with a wide range of applications and usage like poster designing, logo designing,

20+ Free Colorful Powerpoint Templates

Whether you are a student, a teacher or business man or woman, you have to deal with presentations. The use of this method of demonstration is much more in the education sector than in any other. You have to present your research work or projects in the form of presentations if you are a student.

40+ Outstanding Google Logos (Google Doodles)

As you all know what is Google and what is its significance in today’s world of research and technology. I do not feel need to introduce you about it. It needs no preface to start my post on Google Logos. Anyways I just give you a brief introduction about the history of this company. Google

30 Best Social Media Icons

With the increasing modernization and the consequent change in the lifestyles of people, life has just confined within a person’s laptop, desktop or workplace where he has to work like a machine. Life has become quite materialistic. In this age of busyness, we rarely get time to interact with the family and relatives and far

35+ Beautiful Designs of Facebook Icons

Facebook has an entire world in itself. Right now Facebook is ranked number one in Alexa ranking. It surely gives one the idea that how popular is this among all peoples of the world. Facebook is craze of everyone specially the young generation of today. It was launched in February 2004 and since then it