Corel Draw Tutorial For Beginners

This post is specially for beginners. In this post i have explained some basics of corel draw.If you want to learn how to install corel before reading this article go to Steps to install corel draw.After reading my article try to design your own visiting card by reading simple steps to design visiting card

Starting Corel Draw

After opening corel draw this window will appear giving you three main options. New,Recently Used and Open.


To start a new page for corel you have to click on New.

 Recently Used

Some of the documents that you have opened  previously are shown here (like bag cdr, ali.cdr, orient logo.cdr). Click on the file you want to open again.

Open New File

If you want to open a file of corel click on Open and select the file you want.

Main Page

This is the main page on which you will perform all your designing.

Menu Bar

On the top of the main page there is Menu Bar which has following options:

  • File
  • Edit
  • View
  • Layout
  • Arrange
  • Effects
  • Bitmaps
  • Text
  • Tools
  • Windows
  •  Help.

Standard Bar

This bar is below the Menu Bar. This bar gives the options of:

  • New
  • Open
  • Save
  • Print
  • Cut
  • Copy
  • Paste
  • Undo
  • Import
  • Export
  • Zoom Levels
  • Application Launcher


Property Bar

Property bar is below Standard Bar. It has different options like:

  • Paper Size
  • Paper Width And Height
  • Portrait
  • Landscape
  • Drawing Units

Paper Size

This option of Property Bar allows you to select the paper size on which you want to design.

These are

  • Letter
  • Legal
  • Tabloid
  • Statement/Half
  • Executive
  • Fanfold
  • Double
  • Broad Sheet
  • A0
  • A1
  • A2
  • A3
  • A4
  • A5
  • A6
  • B1(ISO)
  • B4(ISO)
  • B5(ISO)
  • B4(JIS)
  • B5(JIS)
  • C3
  • C4
  • C5
  • C6
  • RA2
  • Ra3
  • Ra4
  • Envelope #9
  • Envelope #10
  • Envelope #11
  • Envelope #12
  • Envelope #14
  • Envelope Monarch
  • Envelope Check
  • DL
  • German Fanfold
  • German Legal Fanfold
  • Japanese Post Card
  • Etc


Paper Width And Height

You can set the Width and Height of your page, even the size of objects in your design (like triangle, rectangle etc).


By this option of Property Bar your can make your page in portrait form.


By this option of Property Bar your can make your page in landscape form.

Drawing Units

You can select the units of your drawing by this option.

Some of the drawing units are:

  • Inches
  • Millimeters
  • Picas,Points
  • Pixels
  • Ciceros,didots
  • Didots
  • Feet
  • Yards
  • Miles
  • Centimeters
  • Meters
  • Kilometers
  • Q
  • H

Tool Box

This is the main part of corel draw. It contains all the designing tools. From now onward  i will tell you some basics of these tools. I suggest you to follow these practically also.

Pick Tool

This tool is mostly used while working on corel draw. With this tool you can select your object and can move it. Even if you are in other options of corel draw and trying to find how to get out from option, simply select pick tool. Below i have given the example of pick tool. I have drawn the rectangle and selected it. The black boxes show that it is selected by pick tool.

Shape Tool

This is one of the main tool in corel while working with shapes.

These are:

  • Knife Tool
  • Eraser Tool
  • Sumdge Brush
  • Roughen Brush
  • Free Transform Tool
  • Virtual Segment Tool
I am going to explain some main tools inside shape tool.
By Keyboard you can select this tool by pressing F10.

Working with shape Tool

I am giving you simple example of shape tool. First draw rectangle now select shape tool. After selecting click on rectangle and move it on inner side. The result is shown below:

Knife Tool

Eraser Tool

This tool is simply used to erase the object.

By Keyboard you can select this tool by pressing x.

Zoom Tool

This tool is used to zoom in and zoom out. You can do it by simply scrolling.

By Keyboard you can select this tool by pressing z.

Freehand Tool

This is one of the interesting and magical tools of corel. Select it and see the magic of it yourself.

By Keyboard you can select this tool by pressing F5.

Pen Tool

This tool is usually used to draw lines. Some of the main pen tools are:

  • Freehand Tool
  • Bezier Tool
  • Artistic Media Tool
  • Pen Tool
  • Polyline Tool
  • 3 Point Curve Tool
  • Interactive Connector Tool
  • Dimension Tool
Below i am showing how to draw line using pen tool.

Rectangle Tool

This tool is used to draw rectangle. You can select the size  by width and height tool .

By Keyboard you can select this tool by pressing F6.

Ellipse Tool

This tool is used to draw ellipse.

By Keyboard you can select this tool by pressing F7.

Graph Paper Tool

This tool is used to draw graphs.

It also have

  • Polygone tool
  • Spiral Tool

By Keyboard you can select this tool by pressing D.

Basics Shapes

Corel also give s the options to make simple shapes. This is done by basic shapes. Some of the basics shapes are:

  • Arrow Shapes
  • Flow Chart Shapes
  • Star Shapes
  • Callout Shapes

Arrow Shapes

To draw arrows simply select arrow shapes.

Flow Chart Shapes

This tool  is used to draw flowchart shapes.

 Star Shapes

No Need to design star by yourself, simply select star shape and get star.


Callout Shapes

This tool is use to draw callout shapes.

 Text Tool

This tool is used to write text. You can select the font and size of text from property bar.

By Keyboard you can select this tool by pressing F8.

Interactive Blend Tool

Interactive Drop Shadow Tool

This tool is used to give shadow to the object as shown.

Eyedropper Tool

This tool is used to select color from other object. Some time you want to use the color of other object. In this situation simply use this tool.

 Outline Tool

To increase or decrease the thickness of a line or a border use outline tools. This tool is also used to change the color of outline.

Fill Tool

This tool is used to fill the object with some color. There are also some other advance options in this tool which i will discuss on my next posts. These are:

  • Fill Color Dialog
  • Fountain Fill Dialog
  • Pattern Fill Dialog
  • Texture Fill Dialog
  • PostScript Dialog
  • No Fill
  • Color Docker Window


Interactive Fill Tool

This tool is used to give shade to the objects by different colors as shown:

 Color Bar

In order to select different colors this bar is used. You can also give the ratio of different colors to get desired color by changing its property.

How To Add New Page

On the left bottom page 1 is written. To Add a new page simply click on plus.








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