Corel Shortcut Keys For Designers

Most of the professional corel users use shortcuts while using softwares ,So today I am going to share some most popular corel shortcuts used by designers.These keywords make the work fast and easy.Make a grip on these Shortcuts you will feel the magic by your self.Soon i will upload some unique corel shortcut .Today i have mention some shortcuts that are commonly used by designers.Most of the corel versions has same  shortcuts.These are the list of corel draw shortcuts.

Commands Use For

To Align The Bottom

C To Align Centre
L To Align Left
R To Align Right
 T  To Align Top
 Ctrl + S  Save File
 Shift+F2 Zoom The Selected Object
 Shift+F4 Zoom Page
 Ctrl + U Ungroup
 Ctrl + G Group
 Shift+PageUp To Front of The Layer
 Control+Home  To Front Of The Page
 Ctrl + Z Undo
 Ctrl + D  To Duplicate
 Ctrl+ E  To Export File
 Ctrl+ I To Import File
 Page Down Next Page
 Control + O  Open File
 F10 Shape Tool
 F5 FreeHand Tool
 F6 Rectangle Tool
 F7  Ellipse Tool
F11 Fountain
 F8 Text Tool
 G Interactive Fill Tool
 Alt+Shift+D  Dynamic Guides
 Alt+z Snap  To Objects
 Ctrl+M Bullets
Ctrl+Shft+S Save As
Alt+F8 Rotate
Ctrl+F12 Spell Check
PageUp Previous Page
Delete Delete
x Eraser
Ctrl+C Copy
Ctrl+x  Delete
Ctrl+Shft+T Text Edit
Ctrl+Y  Print

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