Design of Gravity Retaining Wall

Dear viewers, I hope you all are doing good with your work. Today I am going to teach you the design of a retaining wall. A Civil Engineer is obviously well familiar with retaining wall. A retaining wall is a structure that retains the unbound and loose soil of unnatural slopes. The design of a retaining wall has quite significance not only from structural point of view (for providing stability to slopes) but a retaining wall also compliments the site aesthetically. A gravity Retaining wall supports the unbound soil of a slope entirely due to its weight. They are built from concrete, stone or any other heavy material. It provides stability by leaning back towards the retained soil.

So here are the highlights for the design of a gravity retaining wall. I hope you like it.

Following is the sketch of the retaining wall with all the dimensions, which I have designed in MS Excel.

gravity retaining wall

The following data you need to input into the excel sheet. Edit with your own values.

gravity retaining wall

First of all determine the active and passive pressure co-efficients. And then check the Factor of Safety against Overturning as described below.

 gravity retaining wall

Then check the Factor of Safety against Settlement.

gravity retaining wall

Then determine the Factor of Safety against Sliding.

gravity retaining wall

Write down the result of your calculations.

gravity retaining wall

Here is the excel sheet for the design of Gravity Retaining wall. You can edit this according to your own case with your own values. Note that you will have to input the data into the figure as well to get the shape for your retaining wall accordingly.

Gravity Retaining Wall

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