Guidelines To Start A New Blog

My friend recently asked me How to start a new blog? What should be my first step? Like him most of the beginners are totally confused on how a new blog should be started. So I thought that it would be great to provide guidelines to all the beginners on blogging. I am going to explain you initial steps to start a new blog. Read the steps below carefully and try to understand. It is simple.

1.Select Domain Name

First step is to select your blog name. This is the most important thing while starting a new blog. It becomes your name of fame and inspiration in the world of blogging. So Keep these points in mind while selecting name for your blog.

  • Select the main word in domain name that belongs  to the topics which you want to cover in your blog.
  • Try to select short domain name
  • Select a unique and easy name that once the user read can easily memorize it.
  • To check the available domain names visit and also purchase it for one year or more.

2.Select Hosting

After selecting domain name you have to select the hosting on which you have to launch your blog. Following things should be kept in mind while selecting hosting.

  • Select the hosting which can bear high traffic.
  • Select hosting that can easily upload your domain.
  • Select hosting which has low price and a good package.
  • Select hosting which respond quickly on your issue.
  • I will prefer you hostgotar .com
  • hostgator logo

3.Select WordPress Theme

After selecting domain name and hosting select the best wordpress theme for your blog. There are different free and premium themes available. But the main and the most important thing to be kept in mind while selecting blog theme is that your theme should go well with the topics you are going to cover in your blog. Select the theme that suits your nishe. But if you later change your mind or find another good theme, you can change your blog theme easily. Choose a theme which takes lesser time to load.

  • Informative Theme
  • Gallery Theme
  • News Theme
  • Design Themes
  • Business Themes
  • Etc
wordpress logo

Download the theme and install it by going in appearancethemes. The best source of word press themes is given below:

That’s all for now. I hope you get it all. These were the basics, I will keep on teaching other secondary things as well. Further if you need any guidance or help, feel free to contact me. Keep visiting Knowledgeoverflow for more. Also subscribe to get updates about our posts. Good Luck!!


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