How To Design A Wedding Card

The most important part of wedding preparations is to decide about the design of the invitation card for wedding. The importance of selection of a wedding card design can never be over looked as it is the first impression about the wedding that how the ceremony is going to be. The color combinations, font, size and the text needs special consideration to make a card worth to present to the guests. You can design your own wedding card or your close ones’ wedding cards by yourself even if you do not have much know-how of designing. With Corel Draw it is quite simple and easy.  Most of the wedding card printers use this software for creating splendid designs of wedding cards as this is the best software for designing and has the most amazing features. So today in this post I am going to teach how to design your wedding card.

Some Key Points To Remember:

  • Select the size of the card according to your requirement.
  • Select the best font for every step given below.
  • Select the color of your text.
  • Do not add wrong text in the design.

1.Father And Mother Name Of Groom And Bride

First write the names of groom’s or bride’s father and mother. They are the ones who are going to invite guests. So write their names first. But remember if you want to invite from groom or bride then write their names. Simply here you have to enter the name of the person who is inviting the guests for wedding ceremony.

 2.How To Invite

Write a sentence like this: ‘Respect the pleasure of your company at Wedding Ceremony of their beloved son/daughter’. This shows your respect to the guests.

3.Name Of Groom

After this write the name of groom. Use the first letters capital letters of first and last name.


After writing the groom name write ‘with’.

5. Name Of Bride

Now write the  name of bride.

6.Wedding Schedule

Write the ceremony schedule.On which the wedding ceremony is going to be held. It includes following details:

  • Date(Month,year,Day)
  • Time

7.Date of Wedding Ceremony

Write the date of wedding ceremony.


Write the place of ceremony.

9.Looking Forward

Write the name of those who are going to receive the guests. (Also give contact numbers so that if some one has any query regarding ceremony, he can ask).


R.S.V.P is french word. This mean to respond. In wedding cards this means that if any one have any query then contact these persons. Also give the contact number.

 11.Final Card Design

This is the final format of your wedding card. There are also some other formats, but in my opinion this format is simple and best one to follow. You can make changes in this design on your own. I hope you will like it. For any query you can ask me freely.

If you face any problem feel free to ask any questions.Also visit

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