How to Find Your Old Junk Car’s Value Using Old Car Valuation Methods

For the economics and business majors out there, this question can be posed in a manner which

is pleasantly tasteful. But then there is no dearth of people without advanced degree that could

help them in some way to estimate the value of something like there old car that has seen better

days. Even for those who do have an idea about the depreciating factors that need to be taken

into account in order to accurately determine the monetary equivalent of your ride. Even for

those who arepretty deft with such valuations technique, each and every car being different in

terms make, model, state, years of usage and several other factors, it is almost impossible to put

an accurate price over a vehicle. But following the below guidelines and tips for old car

valuation, it is possible for you to come up with a number that seems fair for both you and the

potential buyer:


  • Do some research, and then some more:

Nobody was born an expert when it comes to the art of selling and buying something. The process becomes all the more taxing when it comes to selling something like a vehicle. In order to make the entire process hassle-free and something that culminates with a happy-ending make sure that you are armed with as much information as possible.

This will involving going through the heaps of information available over the internet.

  • Make a conscious effort:

Do not be surprised if a misguided effort ends in nothing but disappointment. In order to make the most out of the resources at your disposal like the internet, make sure that you go through the things that are verified by experts and sound plausible before. Not saying that everything that you find on the internet are spoofs but they are also not the gospels of truth. Make decisions based on your judgment and not because somebody said something over a blog comment.

  • People matter:

The entire basis of car buying and selling business is based on the foundation of people having demands and other people of the community meeting it with supply. When it comes to reselling old cars then the dynamics of community can play a major role in getting you leads or even prospective buyers for your old car.

  • Advertise:

Being one of the most trusted and age old ways of attracting customers there is barely anything that could go wrong with advertising your car for sale in some or the other local daily newspaper. People with limited access tothe internet often scour through the newspaper looking to buy old cars.  In terms of money, it should not cost you much.


  • Online valuation techniques:

Some of the websites dealing with cars or commodities for selling and buying in general have a special section that lets you evaluate the condition of your car in terms of its engine and other mechanical parts that stands testimonial to the overall quality of the car for resale.

  • Get the gen-Y involved:

The real world as well as the cyberspace is literally swarming with startups which are more and more involved to the car business. Being run and maintained by youngsters, these establishments often brag of getting sure-shot customers for whatever kind of car you want to sell. Even if you might not be much experienced to the car buying and selling, such agencies can be a good place to start with.

  • Where old is gold:

If you happen to be the proud owner of a really old modeled carthat once upon a time used to be the apple of your eyes but now you need to sell it for some reason, this might be a good chance for you to earn a good sum out of the entire deal. How, you ask? Well, there is now a whole generation of people who have an obsession of owning old, vintage styled cars. Invest in some good remodeling techniques or certain changes before you make it available to such buyers and you can very well sell it for a very good sum.


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