How to Republish your Article Easily!

The world we are living in is consistently changing tremendously. So of course, your words should keep up with the times, right? You may have a feeling that your blog is outdated or not that good as compared to others. You are thinking of adding something new and fresh in your blog articles so that it attracts more audience and makes more sense according to the current situation of the blog’s world you are living in.

No need to panic as it is not that hard to republish your blog all over again with the modifications you wanted to add to it, so here I am to tell you a few steps you should follow so that you can easily republish your articles.

  1. Try to keep the URL and modify the original post

There are chances that if you write an all new blog based on the same topic, then your words may plagiarize with the original one. It might lead your blog get de-indexed from the search engines as duplicate content. You can copy-paste your content in a new file, make changes and then again upload it with the same URL. Make sure the URL is the same as your aim is to renew itand not to upload an article that carries aslightly modified content like the one you have currently online. Uploading it in the same URL will take your previous article offline and bring the new one online.

If you want to change the title, you surely can, but keep in the mind that you have kept the keywords intact, or the whole thing will be meaningless.


  1. Make it more accurate.

Of course, if you are changing your blog content then you must add something which all new and fresh. Remove the things which are irrelevant, add those which are important, upload new images if necessary, add new links and make it better than the last. Add updated news or information if you want to.

  1. There should be a writer’s note.

You updated your blog a few days ago, but if the comments on your blog are from a few days or months back, then it can be confusing for your readers. Do add a writer’s note at the end of the blog.

  1. Modify the description and republish it.

Do you find your description of blog content lame, boring or outdated then change it according to your wish and then finally if you like the result, upload it! Keep track of your new comments or views. Know if your new blog is attracting more people or not.



These few steps can lead you to create a better blog content than your previous attempt.For writing concerns, you can seek help from freelance content writers associated withContentmart. There are thousands of writers and bloggers registered onContentmartwho can easily help you out. Make sure to follow these tips andrepublish your blog without any hassles whatsoever!


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