How To Write A Report

The purpose of a ‘Technical Report’ is to convey final results of scientific and technical research. In any of the department or profession you may be required to submit a technical report stating all the technical information regarding a project or problem. It states all data, introduction, causes, facts and figures explaining the topic. Here I give you some guidelines about the typical format of the technical report. Follow the sequence.


It should consist of one paragraph (not more than 200 words) briefly stating the purpose of the project, the research methods employed and the end result obtained.

Acknowledgements: (Optional)

They should be two paragraphs at most.

Table of contents:

It is in the form of table and gives details of all the contents of your report including the main headings and sub headings with respective page numbers.



Write down the background of the problem and the theory explaining it. This should be not more than 4 pages.

Problem Statement:

State the problem or the main objective/topic of your report including the areas you are going to cover in it.


Describe and explain your approach in making of the report and your view point of probable solution of the problem with solid and possible arguments and techniques being proposed.


Describe all the information you were able to extract  as the result of your studies/project or analysis of the problem. This may consist up to 10 pages depending upon the vastness of your topic.

Conclusions and recommendations:

This section should consist of at least half page and describes all the conclusions drawn from the research/analysis of the problem and may also include the recommendations (in your view) you may like to suggest to counter the problem or to make improvements in the existing system.


Write down all the references used for the collection of relevant information used in the production of report. Enlist all of them. Links of the websites and names of books along with author names are mentioned.


It includes rest of the graphs and tables which further help in understanding of your research. These typically include that content which is an addition to the report and may not be required by most of the users/readers. Computer listings are made.

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