iOS Image Cropper Development Tutorial

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BJ Image Cropper :

This image cropper is used to crop an image its a cropper library which is used to crop an image.To crop the image first you have to select image from the camera roll so to pick an image from camera roll code is included in the source code and then after selecting image from the camera roll it is loaded into the UIimageView and then when you will press the crop but a UiView will be displayed image from uiImageView in loaded into the UIView and then a cropper will be showed onto the UIView and resizeable mask will appear on that UIView which is a rectangular mask you can chnage size of mask on run time by touching and resizing that cropper or mask and when getcrop button is pressed cropped image from uiview is loaded into the UIImage View and UIView is process is terminated so if you want source code follow the link below displayed.

How this application Works ? :

  • This application works by selecting an image from camera roll.
  • And then click crop button UIVIEW will appear here you can select an area which u want to be cropped.
  • After this touch get cropped you will get cropped image
  • Above procedure explain this flow of program correctly if you have any query follow the refrence site and comment about your problems and queries.

Press Select image button              =image loads into uiview

Press Crop button you will be able to drag the cropper  = Image from UIIMAGEVIEW is loads in  UIVIEW and a mask will appear on image which is present into uiview

Press Apply Croping Round Button u will get cropped image = Cropper wil crop Image from  UIVIEW  and image is Loads into UIIMAGE *Image and after then into the UIIMAGEVIEW = image ;

Now for coding section visit Refereced Site

7)Cropped Image:

cropped image

6)Image Cropper View:


image cropper

 5)Resize Cropper:

ios development

4)Selected Image:

resize image

3)Select Image:

photo editor

2)Select Image From Camera Roll :

ios crop image

 1)Initial Starting Interface:

Cropping Pictures


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