Apple Releases IPhone 5-An Absolute Jewel

Like always Apple has yet again startled the audience with their latest release of smartphone containing newly created technologies. Apple launched yet another smartphone of the iPhone series, named iPhone 5 on September 12, 2012. Phil Schiller,the senior vice president of Apple announced the release of iPhone 5 in an event at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco. Iphone 5 has features never seen before in any of the products worldover. I am going to give you a detailed view of the features and design of iPhone 5.

More Thin

It is slimmer than the previous versions of iPhone. It is just 7.6mm thin.


The display has been increased 0.5 inch (now 4 inch, previously 3.5 inch) and resolution is 1136×640 instead of 960×640 in iPhone 4S. More contents can be seen in its display. And it is the thinnest display ever seen.


Nano sim card has been introduced for the first time in this version of iPhone. But unfortunately it is not compatible with Micro sim cards used in the previous versions of iPhone.


The colors for iPhone 5 introduced are Black and Slate, White and Silver (Double-colored) which are introduced for the first time in iPhone series.The previous iPhones were single-colored only.


A6 chip is used in this smartphone which is 2 times faster than those used in the previous versions.


The resolution of camera is 8 megapixel, same as iPhone 4S, 1080 HD video Recording.

Facetime Camera

Facetime camera gives 720p HD video.


Bluetooth is still 4.0 as that of iphone 4S.

Video stabilization

Video stabilization is much better than iPhone 4s.


The connector has been changed to lightning from 30-pin in iPhone 5.

Standby Time

The standby time of iPhone 5 is 225 hours more than iPhone 4S.

Dimensions and Weight

The depth of this latest smartphone by Apple has been decreased 0.07mm and weight has also been reduced to 112g, which was previously 140g in iPhone 4S. However the width remains same in this version as well.


The headphones being designed for iPhone 5 are amazing. They can fit in everyone’s ears. Apple says that they experimented a lot in the making of these headphones. Travel case and storage has been introduced for the first time in iPhone 5 earphones.


Aluminum metal has been used in iPhone 5 which is used in making iPods.


IPhone 5 has ultra-fast wireless. Browsing time 3G PE 8 hour (previously 6 hour in iphone 4S) and on WiFi 10 hour (previously 9 hour).


Same Siri Technology is being provided in iPhone 5 as in iPhone 4S.


Apps opening is much faster than in iPhone 4S.

Operating System

Operating system is ios6 which is much faster. Still the battery timing is just amazing.


It enables really fast download. It is even faster than the WiFi at home. It is formed by combining LTE and CDMA chips.

Storage Flavors

IPhone 5 is available in the storage flavors 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB.

IPhone has been termed as the absolute jewel by Apple. Here is what the senior vice presidents of Apple said:

“We don’t want to just make a new phone, we want to make a much better phone.” Jony Ive

“The world is just a more beautiful place when you use an iPhone 5”. Mr. Schiller

IPhone 5 is no doubt the best smartphone of today. Buy this latest version of iPhone and get amused by its features and technologies. You will never find such features in any other smartphone of this age. Its just iPhone 5 which provides all the amazing and latest technologies at one place, in your hand. It is such a product that is always with you, you have everything if you have iPhone 5. You will feel the world enclosed within your hand.For more info visit apple official website


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