Thoughtful Leadership Quotes Which Will Cause You To Contemplate

Leadership quality is a universal quality which is not common among the people. Very few of us are bestowed with this quality. It is not easy to lead a class of people or a league or a certain group to excel in the race of a desired goal. Leadership is itself a combination of a number of qualities for example intelligence, integrity, truthfulness, braveness, self belief, exemplary character, mercifulness with a passion to lead the world. Most of all, leadership quality needs to have a sound mind and an understanding and flexible behavior to tackle all the adverse situations in an effective manner. The leader must have to be aware of all the needs and requirements of the people that what they want, what their unfulfilled desires are, causing them to lose interest in reaching their destinies and hindering to get their dreams come true. The leader must be able to design the strategies that how can he prove his best to provide a healthy atmosphere to the people in his organization and how he can reach the hearts of the people to win their trust and ensure prosperity. This creates harmony all over and also a healthy relationship among the people and also with the leader. The leaders who impose their decisions over their subordinates never get the required outcome and a never get to have successful results in any of the work. Subordinates will obey you off course whatever is your behavior with them because it is their duty but they won’t respect you from the heart. And remember that, a leader cannot be successful in running an organization if he is not close to the people under him. He should be able to listen to their heart’s voice.

Today I am glad to present you my collection of wonderful quotes on leadership. I am sure you are going to gain something worth from these quotes which will be useful for you and inspire you. Also see other inspiring quotes on my blog like Quotes on Strength. Thanks for visiting Knowledgeoverflow.

1.Peter Ducker

leadership quotes

 2.Lead By Example

lead by example

 3.Matthew Parris

leadership quotes

 4.John F.Kennedy


 5.Seth Godin

seth godin

 6.Peter Koestenbaum

Peter Koestenbaum

 7.John F.Kennedy

John F.Kennedy

 8.Kenneth Blanchard

kenneth blanchard

 9.Vince Lombardi

vince lombardi

 10.The Power of A Leader

the power of a leader

 11.Pastor Rick Warren

Pastor Rick Warren

 12.Rosabeth Moss Kantor

rosabeth moss kantor

 13.John Q Adams

leadership quotes



 15.Martin Luther King Jr

leadership quotes

 16.Dwight D

leadership quotes

 17.Time Management Is Crucial

leadership quotes

 18.Sterling W.Sillsterling w.sill

 19.John Quincy Adams




 21.Frank F Warren

Frank F Warren

 22.Good Leader

Good Leader

 23.Kenneth Blanchard

kenneth blanchard





 26.Be A LeaderBe A Leader

 27.Is Action,Not Position

is action,not position

 28.Lead By Example

lead by example



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