Top 10 Most Visited Websites of The World

Alexa ranks websites on the basis of traffic data that is according to the number of people visiting those websites. It provides traffic data, global rankings and other information on thousands of websites.On the basis of popularity and traffic, the social networking website Facebook has been ranked on number one in alexa ranking globally. Previously this top position was occupied by Google for, more or less, past eight years. Other informative and knowledge providing websites as well as technology related websites and search engines are also among the top ten websites in the global ranking.

Today I am pleased to provide you information about the most visited websites. Below is the list and a brief introduction about the top 10 websites of the world:


Facebook is the best social networking website used to interact people.It was founded by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004. Very popular in young generation.It provides the best platform to connect different people of the world.Its users increases day by day.It provide us to share pictures,videos,text and links.We can also add friends,send them messages and share almost all type of data.It Has more than 600 Million users and growing at a very fast rate.

Other necessary information about facebook is given below

Google Page Rank : 9
Alexa Rank : 1


Google is Second on the list.Founded in america on 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin.These two were the students of Stanford University.It provides many services to the users.Butt the most popular is search engine.Google is the owner of also provides email services to the user by gmail.It gives user almost all the data on the net by its search engine.What ever you want just google it.The main goal of a google is to gather use full information and give it to users.

The list of main services it gives are

  • Email
  • Video Sharing
  • Search Engine
  • Maps
  • Advertising
  • Operating System(Android)
  • Mobile Applications
  • Hardware

Other necessary information about google is given below

Google Page Rank : It gives page rank to others
Alexa Rank : 2


It is third in the list.It gives video collection to the users. You can find every latest video, any footage, movies and songs here.

Other necessary information about youtube  is given below

Google Page Rank : 9
Alexa Rank : 3


It is fourth in the list.It was founded by jerry yang and david filo in 1994.Headquarter is in Sunnyvale, California, United States.One of the biggest email service provider of the world.It Also give yahoo search engine services.Most of the email users had yahoo id.This shows the popularity of yahoo.

The main services it gives are

  • Mail
  • News
  • Finance
  • Video sharing
  • Business
  • Answers
  • Social Media
  • Advertising

Other necessary information about yahoo is given below

Google Page Rank : 9
Alexa Rank : 4

It is fourth in the list.It is based in Beijing, China and was incorporated on January 18, 2000. It was founded by Robin Li and Eric Xu. The name of this website ‘Baidu’ was inspired by a poem written 800 years ago. It offers services to locate information, products and services using Chinese language search terms. In Apple iOS Baidu application is available. It provides an online collaboratively built encyclopedia.

Other necessary information about is given below

Google Page Rank : 9
Alexa Rank : 5


It is sixth in the list. Wikipedia is no doubt world’s biggest stock of information on internet which is totally non-profit foundation which was launched in January 2001. Its slogan is ‘The free encyclopedia’. It was founded by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger. The vast and diverse collection of knowledge in this website is contributed by volunteers from around the world. It has about 100,000 active contributers. You can find knowledge and information regarding everything you wish to know about. It is multilingual encyclopedia is available in 285 languages.

Other necessary information about wikipedia is given below

Google Page Rank : 9
Alexa Rank : 6

It is seventh in the list.It basically belongs to MSN (The Microsoft Network), and is owned and created by Microsoft.It was launched on November 1,2005.It provides a number of services and software products. Most of these services are web applications which can be accessed from has 330 million users.Microdoft says ‘Windows live is a way to extend the windows user experience’.

The main services it gives are

  • Hotmail
  • Messenger

Other necessary information about is given below

Google Page Rank : 9
Alexa Rank : 7


It is eighth in the list.It was founded by Jack Dorseyj on 2006.Headquarter is in San Francisco US.Very popular social networking website.It has 500 Million users. Almost all the famous people of the world, celebrities, brands, athletes, political figures are on twitter. According to an estimate 340 million tweets are generated on twitter daily. This clearly shows the popularity of twitter all over the world.

Other necessary information about twitter is given below

Google Page Rank : 10
Alexa Rank : 8

It is ninth in the list.QQ is actually based in China and was developed by Tencent Holdings Limited. Its previous name was OICQ. It is free instant messaging computer program.It is available in Chinese, English, French and Japanese. It is a very popular chatting platform.Other features developed by QQ include games, ringtone downloads, virtual pets etc.

Other necessary information about is given below

Google Page Rank : 8
Alexa Rank : 9

It is tenth in the list.It is a very famous American multinational electronic commerce company founded in 1994.The word Amazon means “exotic and different”.The headquarter of company is located in Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood.The site is available in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese and Chinese.The company Amazon also produces consumer electronics and is world’s largest retailer.

Other necessary information about is given below

Google Page Rank : 8
Alexa Rank : 10

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