Happy Mothers Day Quotes

Mother is the only creature of The Lord whose love is unconditional, trustworthy and never ending. Yes mother is the one who gives birth to life. The love of a mother for her child can never be defined in words; it can only be felt within the warmth of her lap. A mother brings up her child with affection and protects him against the adversities of the outside world. A mother takes care of her children and never let them feel uncomfortable in any situation. She cannot see her child crying and does her best to provide him love and comfort and tries her best to ease his pain. She wants to see her children become civilized, well mannered and respectful. No love in one’s life can ever be like the love of a mother. So never disappoint your mother and never let her down. A mother’s prayers accompany you wherever you go and her blessings never leave you alone.

As the Mother’s Day has just passed, today I thought of bringing you some awesome quotes on mother day. I hope you will love them all and do share them with your mom. They will make your mom happy and delighted. So dear viewers here we go, don’t forget to share your views about the post and also visit other posts on quotes like Martin Luther King Jr Quotes. Thanks for visiting Knowledgeoverflow.

You Do So Much For Me:

you do so much for me

Love At First Sight:

love at first sight

Mother Day Card:

mother day card

We Honor And Love You:

we honor and love you

Mother Quote:

mother quote

Mom’s Hug:

mom's hug




Motherhood Quote:

motherhood quote


Motherhood Quote

motherhood quote



Happy Mother’s Day:

happy mother's day

Quote for Mom:

quote for mom

Hold Child Hand:

hold child hand

Loveliest Word:

loveliest word

God Could Not Be Everywhere:

god could not be everywhere

 Perfect Mother:

perfect mother

 Pink Card:

pink card

 God Bless Mothers:

god bless mothers

 Great Mom:

great mom

 A Mother:

a mother




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