25 Best Popular Jealousy Quotes

Jealousy is a very strong emotion of envy. It is a state of heart burning. Jealousy has various forms. Some people get jealous of others successes and victories. If you are well off and leading a good life, your enemies will be jealous of you. If you are beautiful and grasp everyone’s attention, some of

Appetizing Chicken Corn Soup Recipe

Dearest viewers, long time no recipe 😛 As it is winter season here in my country, so the idea of making Chicken Corn soup clicked my mind. I made a very delicious and appetizing soup for my family today. I was thinking why not teach my recipe of soup to my viewers who follow me

Design of Gravity Retaining Wall

Dear viewers, I hope you all are doing good with your work. Today I am going to teach you the design of a retaining wall. A Civil Engineer is obviously well familiar with retaining wall. A retaining wall is a structure that retains the unbound and loose soil of unnatural slopes. The design of a

30+ New Born Cute Baby Pictures

The best gift of god is baby. They are the reason of smile for parents. Most beautiful and innocent creation.Brings Happiness in the life. God give this gift to lucky couple. Many couples desire to get this gift as soon as possible. When we play with them we also behave like a baby. They cannot

RISA-2D Tutorial (Truss Internal Forces)

RISA 2D is a software for finding out the internal forces in members of a truss, in a beam or a frame. It is an easy software, does not require much time to learn. It gives axial force, shear force and bending moment values at different points along the length of a member. It also

Forces in Members of a Roof Truss

Dear viewers, Today I have come up with yet another helpful tutorial for civil engineers. Civil engineering is my field and I am in love with it. I prefer to share my little knowledge with others to help them in their studies and help them to fix problems faced by them. So coming towards today’s

Excel Sheet For The Design of Rectangular Beam

Dear viewers, today I have come up with a very useful and informative tutorial especially for Civil Engineers. As we all know that beam is an integral part of a civil engineering structure like a building which may be a home, an office, shopping mall, commercial plaza, hospital, schools etc. Beams take the load of

30 Beautiful Spring Wallpaper

Spring is the name of life. When you hear the word spring, a refreshing and soothing feeling comes to you and you experience peace of mind. Spring brings lots of colors. It is the season of blooming flowers that decorate your world. Blooming flowers are a symbol of life. The blooming flowers and chirping birds make

30 Cool Photoshop Effects Tutorials

The trend if giving photo effects to the picture is gaining much popularity now a days. A picture can be fully or partially modified using the photo editing techniques. You can enhance different features of a photo if you have a little knowledge of a photo editing software. For completely altering a photograph such as