30 Beautiful Attractive Green Background

Wallpapers are as essential as any other fascinating and attractive object in a laptop. Green color is one of the natural colors of life. Trees, plants, grass, insects and everything that defines nature is mostly of green color. Some people are crazy fans of green color. They want to see green color everywhere in everything.

30+ Cool And Refreshing Flower Pictures

Flowers are the real beauty of nature. They make the atmosphere fragrant with their sweet aroma and make the scene beautiful with their charming beauty. Flowers are the symbol of spring, symbol of life and joy and refreshment, symbol of celebration. They attract everyone’s attention .Flowers are also symbol of love. Flowers are the best

25+ Enthralling Rare Tiger Pictures

Tigers are carnivores belonging to the cat species (binomial name Panthera Tigris). They belong to the kingdom Animalia and belong to the class of Mammals. The most prominent feature by which a tiger is recognized is vertical strips over his body.  The female of tigers are known as tigress. The male tigers weight 1.7 times more than the

25+ Famous Wiz Khalifa Quotes

Wiz Khalifa is a well known celebrity. His real name is Cameron Jibril Thomaz but he is not known off by this name. He is famous by his showbiz name. His name ‘wiz’ is the short form of ‘wisdom’ and ‘khalifa’ means ‘successor’ in Arabic. His granddad called him young wiz because he was good

30+ Cute And Funny Animal Pictures

 Animals are the creature having breath and this word is also derived from Animili. So Each Living thing having breath can be called Animal.Millions species of animals have been found on the earth during the geographic survey and countless species are still undiscovered .It can be said that human are also a kind of animal

30 Cute Pink Backgrounds

Pink is the color which is very fascinating. It is a color of joy and calmness. This color is usually associated to babies and girls due to its mildness, smoothness and funky look. But the popularity of pink color has increased much in guys as well. Pink color has many shades. Baby (commonly known as

25 Best Popular Jealousy Quotes

Jealousy is a very strong emotion of envy. It is a state of heart burning. Jealousy has various forms. Some people get jealous of others successes and victories. If you are well off and leading a good life, your enemies will be jealous of you. If you are beautiful and grasp everyone’s attention, some of

Appetizing Chicken Corn Soup Recipe

Dearest viewers, long time no recipe 😛 As it is winter season here in my country, so the idea of making Chicken Corn soup clicked my mind. I made a very delicious and appetizing soup for my family today. I was thinking why not teach my recipe of soup to my viewers who follow me

Design of Gravity Retaining Wall

Dear viewers, I hope you all are doing good with your work. Today I am going to teach you the design of a retaining wall. A Civil Engineer is obviously well familiar with retaining wall. A retaining wall is a structure that retains the unbound and loose soil of unnatural slopes. The design of a