20+ Useful Handwritten Fonts Mostly Used By Designers

For any web design project, Typography is most important. Typography can be defined as the style and appearance of printed matter. But Handwritten Style Typography has its own significance, beauty and charm. Handwritten Texts always catch most people’s attention even though it is presented on a computer screen. As handwriting reflects your moods, your thinking

30+ Free Excellent Wedding Cards Designs

Wedding is one of the most important events in one’s life. It is everyone’s priority to make his/her wedding day memorable. The preparations of wedding are even more enthusiastic from both the sides (Bride as well as Groom). Wedding is a holy relationship in which two persons of opposite gender are bounded for the rest

How to make a model using etabs?

Introduction to Etabs: Etabs is a very useful software in the field of civil engineering. It is the most used software in structural engineering for the design of buildings, bridges and more complex analytical models. It features a powerful graphical user interface. It is used for linear, non-linear, static and dynamic analysis and design of

25 Creative Newest Gadget Ideas

Gadgets are small specialized mechanical or electronic devices. These are tools or machines which show the different aspects of creativity in themselves. The origins of this word can be traced back to as early as the start of 19th century. The first atomic bomb was nick named as “the gadget” by the scientists of the Manhattan

20 Free Icons Most Commonly Used And Designed By Developers

Icons are becoming so popular; icons are designed in new styles .Different icons are used for different purpose. So today I have covered icons in this post .What are icons? Where they are used? There types? Their functionality? Icons are the part of GUI (graphical user interface).These are designed by graphical designers ,Icon help the

25 Free Famous Movie Fonts

Movie Fonts have the primary importance in grabbing the attention of the public. Rather I would say that font of a movie is the first thing which attracts the public at the very first look. The selection of fonts needs well knowledge of different kinds of fonts to be chosen for a particular movie. The

20+ Project Ideas And Sample Posters For Engineers

Projects are the most important part of student life. Students mostly get job on the basis of their projects. It is not easy to decide a project. World is so fast that after even every minute new idea is introduced by a student. So what should a student do? The answer is he had to

Auto CAD Tutorial for Beginners Part 2

Hi guys, here is the remaining part of Autocad Tutorial for Beginners. Layers:  It is better and professional practice to work in layers. Layers are actually groups. You give a separate name to each group (layer) for example walls, doors, windows, sanitary fittings etc. For each layer, there are layers properties like color, line type,

Top Ranked Company Logos

 Today I am going to start new category named freebies.In which i will provide free stuff for readers like icons, logos, fonts and some other amazing stuff related to designers and developers. So I am going to start with logos.Whenever an organization is made or a company is launch. The first thing that is considered is Logo.