25 Free Famous Movie Fonts

Movie Fonts have the primary importance in grabbing the attention of the public. Rather I would say that font of a movie is the first thing which attracts the public at the very first look. The selection of fonts needs well knowledge of different kinds of fonts to be chosen for a particular movie. The

20+ Project Ideas And Sample Posters For Engineers

Projects are the most important part of student life. Students mostly get job on the basis of their projects. It is not easy to decide a project. World is so fast that after even every minute new idea is introduced by a student. So what should a student do? The answer is he had to

Auto CAD Tutorial for Beginners Part 2

Hi guys, here is the remaining part of Autocad Tutorial for Beginners. Layers:  It is better and professional practice to work in layers. Layers are actually groups. You give a separate name to each group (layer) for example walls, doors, windows, sanitary fittings etc. For each layer, there are layers properties like color, line type,

Top Ranked Company Logos

 Today I am going to start new category named freebies.In which i will provide free stuff for readers like icons, logos, fonts and some other amazing stuff related to designers and developers. So I am going to start with logos.Whenever an organization is made or a company is launch. The first thing that is considered is Logo.

Auto CAD Tutorial For Beginners Part 1

Auto CAD is the abbreviation of “Automatic Computer Aided Drafting”. It is the basic structural engineering software. It is an electronic tool that enables you to make quick and accurate drawings. It is used for the designing of buildings, highways, dams, bridges and all civil engineering structures. It is the simplest software with all the

35 Ideal Best Friend Quotes

It is a well-known quote: “A friend in need is a friend indeed”. A friend is the important person in your life without whom your life is incomplete. Every one of us has friends. But among all there is one that friend who is closest to us. It’s the case with everyone. Friends are the

30 Superb Tumblr Pictures

Tumblr is a micro-blogging platform and a very popular social networking website. It was launched on April 27, 2007 by David Karp who is a software consultant at parenting site Urban Baby. Marco Arment was the main developer who left the company afterwards, in 2010. This site became available to Blackberry smartphones in 2010.Tumblr provides a

What is Dengue Fever? How to avoid it?

What is Dengue Fever? Dengue virus has been emerging as one of the most life claiming viruses in human history. This virus causes a very fatal disease called Dengue Fever which is also known as “Breakbone Fever” or “Dandy Fever”. Most recently this fever has claimed too many casualties and many people have been affected

40+ Outstanding Twitter Backgrounds

Twitter is one of the most famous social networking website. It connects people all over the world. Twitter is available in 20 languages. Twitter was founded in San Francisco but it is used all over the world. It was launched in March 2006 by Jack Dorsey. Daily 340 million tweets are generated on Twitter and