20 Beneficial Health Quotes

It is commonly said that Health is Wealth. No doubt, health is the greatest gift of Allah. If a person enjoys good health he is lucky. Taking good care of yourself and having a healthy diet keeps you in good health. Eating fruits, taking vitamin rich diet, green vegetables is very good for health because

25 Attractive Purple Wallpaper And Backgrounds

Word purple has been derived from a Latin word Purpura . Purple is a refreshing and bright color. It is a gleeful color that decorates the atmosphere where it is present. Purple is considered to be a royal color because roman emperors and magistrates and Roman Catholic bishops used to wear this color. So purple

25+ Perspicacious Wisdom Quotes

Being wise is the greatest gift of God. Because wisdom is something that doesn’t approach with age, this quality propagates with the critique of mind that makes you matured and sensible. Wisdom never lets you make a wrong decision or do anything which is not in your favor or harms your reputation. When anything goes

30+ Spectacular Hot Air Balloon Pictures

Hot Air Balloons are said to be the first human flight means used for transportation. For navigation in far off places where there is no access in the form of roads, hot air balloons serve the purpose and are one of the most effective ways of transportation of goods and men. This technology uses heated

Healthy Butter Chicken Recipe

Butter chicken is one of the most loved chicken recipe that is healthy to eat. This dish has Indian origin but is famous and loved all over the world. So keeping in view the demand of butter chicken recipe today I thought of sharing this recipe with my viewers. Ingredients Chicken breasts………….. 2-3 (cubed) Yogurt…………………………

35+ Coolest Blue Background Collection

Blue is the color that lies between violet and green in the optical spectrum. It is the color of the sky that extends beyond our far off vision. The color of the sea is also blue. Blue is the fundamental color in the national flags of more than twenty countries. Blue is the color which

40+ Significant and Momentous Graduation Quotes

Graduation day is certainly one of the biggest days in one’s life. It is the day of fulfillment of one’s dream. It is the day that brings fruit of your hard work and diligence. Behind four years of graduation is a whole different life, different from the one you have lived so far and absolutely

Dainty Chicken Nuggets Recipe

Dear viewers, the recipe I am going to share with you today is especially for children. However it is equally liked by young and elders as well. Yes today I am going to teach you how to make tasty chicken nuggets. This recipe is quite simple and can be made with the ingredients readily available

30 Funny Signs Advertisements And Commercials

Funny Signs advertisements and commercials are an effective way for grasping public attention. It is an effective tool for endorsing your product in the market. Advertising is very essential for letting people know about your brand. If you do not advertise how people would come to know what is new from your store or company.