Simple and Easy Steps to Design Slab Using Safe

Hi Viewers, welcome to another engineering software tutorial from us. Today i am going to teach you how to design a simplest slab in SAFE. Safe is a concrete structural calculations software. It is a structural engineering software which is very useful for footing design and slab design. It is a 2D software as it deals with areas only.

Features of SAFE:

First of all I introduce you to the menus and tabs of SAFE.

1. Windows drop-down menu

2. Top Toolbar

3. Command Toolbar

4. Complete black screen of Graphical User Interface.

Here is the simple method for slab design:

Step 1: First of all open the safe software. The following window will appear.

Click on FileNew Model

This window will appear.

Click on edit grid and enter all the grid data in X and Y direction. Adjust the bubble size.

Now your grid will be displayed.

Step 2: Now define the properties one by one. Go to DefineSlab Properties

Slab 1 is defined by default. You can modify the details by clicking on Modify/Show Property

In the same way define Columns.

Click Ok to close the dialog box.

Now define the Beam Properties. Go to DefineBeam Properties.

Define X Beam and Y Beam separately (depend upon your structure).

Next you have to define the Column Supports. Go to DefineColumn Supports

Step 3: Now define the load cases. Go to DefineStatic Load Cases

Here you will enter the Loads which will be applied on your structure. All Dead, Liv, Roof Live, Superimposed Dead etc need to be defined.

Then define the load combinations according to the Building Code code you are following.

For instance I have defined only one combination.

Click Ok to close the dialog box.

Step 4: Now click on Quick Draw Line Object from the command toolbar.

Select Property X Beam or Y Beam and draw all the beams by clicking on the grid points one by one.

Step 5: Now select Draw rectangular Area Objects from the command toolbar.

In the property tab select Slab and then place the slab by clicking on the corners one by one in an anticlockwise pattern.

Or slab can also be placed by making window.

Select Column in the property tab to place the columns. Click at the points and columns will appear there.

Step 6: Now you have to assign the column supports. Make a window selecting all the columns. Go to AssignColumn Supports.

The following box appears. Click Ok.Supports will be assigned.

Step 7: Now you have to assign the surface loads. Select the slab.

Go to AssignSurface Loads.

The following box appears. Give the magnitude of load e.g Dead Load. Click on Replace Existing Loads. Click Ok

Loads will be displayed. Follow the same procedure for all the loads.

Step 8: All the design requirements have been provided. All the data has been defined and assigned. Now run the Analysis. Go to AnalyzeRun Analysis

you can see the deformed shape by clicking DisplayShow Deformed Shape

Choose the load case or combination against which you want to see the deformation.

This is the Elastic Deformed Shape of the sample structure.

Check the graphs of Slab Forces. Go to DisplayShow Slab Forces

Select Load Combination and Moment Components Mxx and Myy one by one.

See the beam forces in the same way.

See the Strip Forces in the same way.

For Design Go to Select Design Combos

And after selecting combinations  click on Start Design.

All designed reinforcement can be seen.

View the total quantities by clicking DesignShow Total Quantities

View the design tables by clicking Design Show Design Tables

Go to Detailing Start Detailer

Below is the procedure for exporting the saved AutoCAD Drawing.

This is the end of SAFE. You can make more complicated slab and footing designs on your own if you understand these basics. Keep on practicing and work hard to learn other soft wares as well. Good Luck

We prove our best to provide you informative and popular stuff relating to designing. Your feedback means a lot to us, so kindly give us comments on our efforts so that we may know our shortcomings and also give us appreciation for our good work. Thanks



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