Simple Steps To Design Visiting Card of Your Company

I think visiting card is the summary of your work, profession and what you do. To make visiting card for a company you own is really important. It helps your customers to contact you easily. There are different designs of visiting cards. But what you have to do if you have no visiting card for your company? Don’t worry today my post is specially for those you haven’t designed their company’s visiting cards yet. Follow the steps as i have shown. Trust me even if you are a lay man you still can design your company visiting card by reading my post.

There are different softwares used to design visiting cards, one of them is corel draw. Corel draw is one of the best software used to design printed material. So i have selected corel draw to design a business card. This software is simple and easy to use. Much simpler than the other designing tools. Even if you have any query regarding corel contact me freely. Enjoy my post and also visit HOW TO INSTALL COREL DRAW if you are beginner to learn the installation process of corel draw. Keep visiting Knowledge Overflow and subscribe to get informed about new posts. Thanks

1.Opening Corel Draw

After opening corel draw this window will appear.

2.Selecting Rectangle Tool In Tool Bar

Now go to the tool bar and select rectangle tool by clicking it as shown

3.Make Rectangle Box

After selecting rectangle tool go to the working page and draw it by a cursor.

4.Size of Rectangle

Resize the rectangle by setting the width 3.5 inch and height 2.0 inch.Remeber the standard size of rectangle to make visiting card is 3.5 inch by 2 inch.

5.Angle of Rotation

I am going to make visiting card in portrait, so i had changed the box angle by 90 degree. If you want your visiting card in landscape then you don’t need this step (Angle of rotation is used for rotation of objects).

6.Selecting Background For Visiting Card

Select the background by clicking file, then open your computer.

7.Background of  a Visiting Card

I have selected this design for making a visiting card.

8.Resize The Background

Resize the background by 2.0 inch width and 3.5 inch height.

9.Make Rectangle At The Centre of The Working Page

Select the rectangle box and enter p,now your box will be at centre of the page.

10.Make Background Design At The Centre of The Working Page

Select the background and enter p.

11.Adjust Background

Both rectangle and background are now at the centre of the page.

12.Select Text Tool From Tool Bar

You have to enter your details, so select text tool from tool bar that is at the right of the main window.

13.Selecting Font

Select the font from the font list as shown.

14.Selecting Font Size

After selecting font go to font size list and adjust size of font.

15.Enter Company Name

Enter your company name and adjust size and select your favourite font.

16.Adjust Company Name

Adjust the company name on background of visiting card. Select whole text and enter CONTROL G (making text grouped), then enterand adjust your company name. Hint: Enter control u after selecting whole text, then enter control k, after that press shift and at the same time select knowledge and overflow and press c. This will adjust your company name as I have did.

17.Select Color of Text

Select the color of your text by color bar at the right of working page.

18.Enter Office Number,Address And Other necessary Details

Enter the details which you want to give to your clients.

19.Final Design

This is the final design of visiting card, follow these steps and make your company business card and also show me your work:)

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