30 Best Quotes That Will Give You Strength

Strength is a person’s inner power to overcome and handle adverse situations. It can be defined as the quality or state of being strong.  Strength is the other name of courage. If you don’t have strength in your thoughts and actions your personality is not complete. Being strong in your ideas increases your confidence level. It boosts up your moral and nothing can keep you from achieving your destinies, reaching your dreams. Strength in your character does not necessarily mean being physically strong but it refers to be mentally and emotionally strong. Being strong builds a trust in yourself that you can withstand any hardships in the path of life with bravery and courage. Your own strength is your support and sometimes it becomes a moral support for other people in your life as well who need to be brought back to life after a failure, or anything. Well your strength is your strongest point which never lets you down. It is a quality found rarely in everyone. It may be god gifted or you can develop it yourself too because it is the requirement of life. You can’t just sit back and let the life circumstances ruin you, revive yourself and come forward with a positive approach towards faith, destiny and of course believe in yourself.

So in order to make you strong and make you realize your hidden strengths, today I have come up with a very valuable post on awesome quotes on strength. Have a look on these precious quotes on strength and revive your inside strengths, you are worthy enough for having such valuable quality, you just have to intuit. Also visit Mind Blowing Movie Quotes on my blog. Best of luck!!

Quietness And Trust

In quietness and trust shall be your strength

strength quotes

Anger Quote

Anger is weakness,patience is strength

strength quotes

Great Quote

Strength doesn’t come from what you can do.It comes from overcoming the things you can thought,you couldn’t

strength quotes

Don’t Ask God

 Don’t ask God to make your life easier,ask him to make u a stronger person!

strength quotes

Strength Is Life

 Strength is life,weakness is death…

strength quotes

Great Dream

Every great dream begins with a dreamer.

Always remember,you have within you the strength,the patience,and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.HARRIET TUBMAN

strength quotes

Strenghts And Weaknesses

Think strengths,not weaknesses.DANIEL PINK

strength quotes

Story Is Going To End

At any given moment you have the power to say this is not how the (our) story is going to end

strength quotes

 My Strength

My strength didn’t come from lifting weights.My strength came from lifting myself up every time i was knocked down

strength quotes

Beautiful Quote

With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.Eleanor Roosvelt

strength quotes

Love Strength Quote

True strength is being able to hold yourself together,When everyone expects you to fall apart

strength quotes

 Being Deeply Loved

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength;Loving someone deeply gives you courage .Lao Tzu

strength quotes

 Great Quote

Strength does not come from physical capacity.It comes froman indomitable will

strength quotes

 Elbert Hubbard

Your friend is the man who knows all about you and still likes you

best quotes

 Terri Burritt

A family is a gift that lasts forever


Weak People

Weak people revenge,strong people forgive,Intelligent people ignore



Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow;it empties today of its strength

best quotes

Frederich Nietzsche

What ever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

best quotes

Let It Destroy

When something bad happens,you have three options,let it defend you,let it destroy you,or let it strengthen you…

best quotes

Author Unknown

It takes hands to build a house,but only hearts can build a home

best quotes

Mother Teresa Quote

Be faithful in small things,because it is in them that your strength lies

famous quotes

Carlos Castameda

We either make ourselves miserable,or we make ourselves strong

famous quotes

Criss Jami Quote

If ever you feel like animal among men,be a lion

inspirational quotes

By Unknown

You don’t realize how strong a person really is until you see them at their weakest moment

Strength quotes


Strength laughter for the tough times.

inspirational quotes

Be Strong

Sometimes,to get the best out of life you go through some of the worst.No one said it would be easy.Be strong

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Where there is no struggle,there is no strength

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