Text to Speech Espeak Engine Speech Synthesize Xcode Application Objective-C


ObjectiveC framework allows text to speech conversion on iOS devices So we are using speech synthesis ESpeak Libraries.Google also use espeak for translation of text.We will also provide sample source code which implements these libraries.

ESpeak Engine a static library of speech synthesis its using open source speech synthesis of espeak and now more features are added to espeak is just usage purpose of making it is to use espeak library in ObjectiveC classes methods and adding its functionality with iOS-AVFoundation Framework .By defining ESpeakEngineDelegate we can use its delegate patterns.

This is a sample application and its has only a one screen with A UI-Text-View for taking input from text and a UI-Button which take action and start speech synthesis for the entered text.


  • Source Code can be used to insert different voice of required frequency whose characteristics can be changed.
  • It Can also produce a an audio file of .wav format.
  • Speech Synthesis Markup Language and HTML is also supported.
  • This program has a very compact size of 1.4MB.
  • Program is very efficient and its posses very good potential of supporting other languages.
  • It’s Written in Objective-C


  • The Major advantage of Espeak instead of flite is it has variety of language and voices support.
  • It is also noted  that ESpeak is G-P-L-v3 while FLite is without restrictions


There’s is good i have also found an application which is using Espeak which reached to Apple Store so it’s mean you can use this source code in your application and submit your application to apple store and it’s a kind worth because its worth free.

Espeak Synthesis:

Just like vowels eSpeak synthesizer enables text to speech sounds  and sonorant .This is done by adding sine waves and peaks are calculated and also Un-voiced consonants e.g “A”  is made by playing recording robotic sounds.Some of the voice consonants e.g /z/ is made by combining synthesized voice sound with a recording unvoiced sound.

The Espeak synthesizer most of the times use the same format data


text to speech


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