The Right Way To Do Taxi Advertising : Steps To Take

These days, more than a hundred cities in the USA permit advertising in taxis. Thanks to this, companies now have another way to get the message of their business to their target clients. When you opt for taxi advertising, there are lots of options that you can choose as well as benefits to make the most of. A lot of taxi advertising companies which would offer you illuminated ads to be placed on top of the cabs so that your message can be seen by your prospective clients during the day and even at night. If your advertisement will require more space, you can also have other options such as a full vehicle wrap and cab side ads.

 If you wish to make your taxi advertisement as successful as possible, there are some things that you need to carry out. Here they are:

 Know more about your target market

The fist thing to do is to research. You should be able to know great things about the demographics of your target market. In this way, you will be able to determine where the perfect area for the cabs carrying your advertisements is. It is best that you opt for a cab area which is frequented by your target market so that they can easily see your taxi advertisement. In the success of the taxi advertisement, timing is important. If your target market is professionals, it would be wise to make your ads appear on various taxis during the morning and after-office hours. The place where you should make these ads visible should rely on the top of services or products that you are offering. These are important considerations when choosing the right place for your ads.

Know the requirements of taxi advertising companies

The next step would be to contact the taxi advertising company that you wish to work with. Try and ask what the requirements are. For this, you have two options. You can directly keep in touch with the taxi companies. Another alternative would be to communicate with your current marketing agency. If you will choose the latter, they would be the one to arrange the media buys for you.

Establish your budget for advertisement

When deciding on a budget, you should consider the place and duration of your taxi ads. The different types of taxi advertisement– side panels, full wrap or a top ad– will come with varying prices. Opt for one which would suit not only your needs but your budget as well. Keep in mind that the fee that you will pay for will include the designing and printing of the ads.

Create the ads

When creating your advertisement, there are many things to think about– the message, the design and the images. If you have low budget and can only afford illuminated tops, you will only need to think of a short message while a full wrap would allow you to disseminate longer information. Make the design as direct, attractive and attention catching as possible.

Follow these simple guidelines and you are good to go!



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