Corel Draw Tutorial Part 1- How To Install Corel Draw

This is my first tutorial on Corel draw’s if you are going to start Corel,just start visiting my all post on corel draw. knowledgeoverflow will help you to learn about corel draw even if you don’t  know what is corel draw.Just be a regular visitor of my blog.Starting with what is corel draw? It is one of the best graphic designing software, most commonly used for offset printing. Most popular software with a great accuracy  of measurement in designing.It has multiple tools which are very simple to use. So, if you want to start designing, just install corel draw and see it’s magic.

It has different versions, some of them are corel draw 9, corel draw 10, corel draw 11, corel draw 12, corel draw x1, corel draw x2, corel draw x3, corel draw x4, and the latest version is corel draw x5.As I have mentioned this software is mostly used in offset printing,because it has simple tools for designing offset printing products like, visiting cards, invitation cards, wedding cards, panaflex ,letter pads, letter head ,flyers , broachers’ ,calendars’ ,books ,diaries ,stickers ,cd covers,cd stickers, etc.These stuff is difficult to design in other softwares. My first post is on how to install corel, It is very easy to install , just follow these steps. If you have any problem while installing corel feels free to ask at the end of the post, also visit other tutorials on my blog like  how to design slab using safe.Thanks  for giving your time and reading my article.

Follow These Steps

Step 1)

After clicking corel draw setup install shield  window will appear .

Step 2)

Initializing installation window will appear

tutorial corel draw

Step 3)

After Initializing installation read the license agreement of corel draw carefully

Step 4)

If You agree with corel draw agreement tick the box of i accept the terms in the license agreement by clicking the box.

tutorial corel draw

Step 5)

After accepting license agreement click on the next button.

tutorial corel draw

Step 6)

Enter your name in user name.

tutorial corel draw

Step 7)

If you have a serial number click on i have a serial number.And if you haven’t serial number and want to try corel draw for 15 days.Click on I do not have a serial number and want to try a product.

Step 8)

Now enter the serial number.Which is given at the back of cd cover.And than click the next button.

Step 9)

Tick the applications you want to have of corel draw i.e corelDraw,corelPhoto-Paint,Corel Capture,Bit Stream Font Navigator.By default all are tick.

Step 10)

If you want to change the location click on change button and select the location to save file.

Step 11)

Now after all this click on install all.

Step 12)

You have install corel draw.Enjoy it.



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