What Is Facebook And How To Use It?

The Facebook is a social website on which you can interact with people in every corner of the world. It is usually called FB. You can add your friends to your friendlist, can add your siblings, your relatives and also make new friends. It is the best way of interaction between friends. Getting enter into this social network is so simple and easy.

You just have to create an account (associate it to your email id), provide your basic information.

For creating an account there are three steps:

Step 1: Information

Here you enter all that which you would like others to know about yourself.

Your facebook requires following information about you.

  • 1) Work and education

  • 2) History by year
  • 3) Living
  • 4) About you
  • 5) Basic info
  • 6) Contact info
  • 7) Relationships and family
  • 8) Favourite Quotations

Step 2: Profile Picture and Cover

The main part of a facebook account is your profile picture or display picture and the cover.

You can make your profile attractive with different features like drawing a cartoon saying hello, welcome etc.

Step 3: Find Friends

You can add friends by first searching them by their email ids (associated with their facebook accounts) or by their facebook names or by their facebook profile links and sending them friend request by clicking on this tab.

Further you can add friends anytime by clicking on this tab on the top bar.

Facebook gives suggestions to add your mutual friends.


Here the first tab is  Friend Requests, second one is Messages and the third one is for Notifications.

How to share:

It is simple, just write down your status in the following space. You can write anything you want to share, you can add photos or can ask any question and give options for the answer. You can also share any link as well.


You can tag your friends in your posts by using the symbol  ‘@’ before their names for example ‘@John Ali’.  You can tag them in yours or their pictures by pressing the ‘Tag’ tab and then clicking on their faces in the photo and choose their names from the list which appears at the point of click.

Further you can change the audience for each individual post. You can make them visible for public, friends, only yourself or you can make friendlists and make your posts visible to only certain people in a particular list by choosing custom from the following options:

Facebook Notifications:

Facebook notifies you if someone comments on your posts or on the posts you are tagged in. It notifies about the activities in the groups or pages you have joined. It also notifies that your friend request have been accepted.  Notifications are enabled through email, by default. You can also make them enable on your cell phone. You can change your notification settings from the Account Settings or simply clicking on ‘see all notifications’ and choose your settings.

Facebook Account Settings:

You can amend your account settings according to your wish.

Just click the tab on the extreme right at the top.

General Settings:

It includes your name (you can use your real name or your nick), your username which makes your facebook profile link for example www.facebook.com/alinashah03. And you can associate any other email id as well in addition to the one you had used for signing up. You can change your password, add networks and choose language. Other tabs in the account settings are security, notification settings etc etc. You can link your cell phone number with your facebook account for security purpose.

Privacy Settings:

By adjusting your privacy settings you can control what you post and your posts are visible to whom.

And you can control who can see your full information.

Further you can choose your facebook applications and can block any annoying or unwanted persons.

Facebook Chat:

This tab appears at the bottom right corner. You can chat with your online friends.


When you open the profile of any person, at the top right, below the cover, there is a starred tab. You click here and see the poke option. This option has too many meanings. You can poke a person if he/she is not responding to your friend request. But mostly it is used to say hello to a long-time-no-see friend, or make your  friend realize that you wanna check if he is alive or not 😀

Facebook Search:

You can search any desired person, places, things, pages, groups and applications by inserting the name in the following space.

Facebook Newsfeed:

Facebook notifies you about your friends’ statuses, their new photos, recent activities. It tells about the shares by your liked pages and groups.  All this appears in the news feed. You can call it the main thing for knowing your friends’ activities and commenting on their posts. On the left there is a whole key which refers you towards everything you want to access (shown here).




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