What to look before renting a house in Coimbatore

What to look before renting a house in Coimbatore

The job of looking for a home for rent is not an easy task. However, if you know what type of house you want and the best locality to search for, the task of finding a home in a new city can be easy for you. In spite, of cheap home loans and rising income, still many people prefer staying in a rented apartment due to many reasons. If you often get transferred as a part of your job, it may not be possible for you to purchase a home wherever you stay. So finding out an apartment for rent would remain the right choice. If you are planning to shift to Coimbatore with your family and need a rented apartment to live in, there are certain things to be kept in mind, before choosing a house.

  1. Decide how to narrow down your search

It really requires a good amount of time to select the right home, especially when you are new to city Coimbatore. First, you with your family must decide what you must really look for, whether you need to give importance to work location or should you take a house that fit within your budget. Do you need a park for your child and worship place for your parents or do you need to take a house near to your child’s school. For whatever reason you decided to move on to Coimbatore, you must make a note of your requirements before you make a final choice.

  1. Give importance to the features you need

Basically, every persons need and desires are given top priority when  they start searching for an apartment to stay in a new city. When you start searching for a house for rent in Coimbatore, there is no harm of creating a priority list of features that you need. It may be difficult to find an apartment that fits in with all your need and requirement, but still you must have your priority list with you before you start house hunting. Some facilities that have to be given more importance are the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, proper ventilation, lift facility, 24 hours security and water supply and proper maintenance facility.

  1. Go for a personal tour

A personal tour is very important and a crucial step  recommended by most people , once decided to shift to a new city like Coimbatore. This would help you know more about the city and where you start the process of house hunting. You must go through each room, bathrooms and kitchen to find out whether the house is equipped with all facilities you are looking for. You must inspect the property carefully and if you find any sort of damage, ask the owner to fix it.

  1. Choose your landlord carefully and bargain like crazy

You must never pick a house to live in emotionally, after meeting the landlord. You must walk away from weird landlords and you must always choose a landlord who is friendly in nature. He must be ready to hear your needs and changes you require in your new rented house. You must never believe on asking price and you must bargain down the asking price. Your monthly rent will be going to be the biggest expense for you, so you must bargain. Once decided the rent, you can sign the rental agreement.

  1. Talk to current residents

It is a great idea to talk to the current residents living there to get an idea about the property. They will give you a clear picture about the surroundings and facilities available with in the apartment.



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